Poseung Integrated Energy Business
(Poseung Green Power)

DAELIM Energy established Poseung Green Power on September 13, 2014 to develop a combined heat and power plant which can generate up to 174 tons of steam and 43.2MW of electricity per hour using wood biomass for fuel in Poseung, Gyeonggi Province. A combined heat and power plant is capable of boosting overall gross efficiency as it generates electricity while simultaneously supplying heating.

The electricity generated from the plant is sold as renewable energy to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and the steam generated is collected and sold to enterprises operating within the Poseung district of the Asan National Industrial Complex. Under the Korean government’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), the electricity generated by Poseung Green power is eligible to receive a Renewable Electricity Certificate (REC) and be sold. This kind of revenue diversification can lead to stable profits. Furthermore, the REC obtained by Poseung Green Power can be sold to DAELIM Energy’s subsidiary Pocheon Power, a partnership that can lead to increased synergy within the group.

With DAELIM Energy at the helm of business development and management, DAELIM Industrial in charge of construction and DAELIM Corporation as the trading house, taking part in procuring fuel, DAELIM Group aims to complete a full value chain in the development of biomass cogeneration.

DAELIM Energy plans to break ground for the proposed 27-month-long construction of Poseung Green Power and begin operating the facility starting in early 2018.

※ RPS System: A mandatory system in which an independent power producer must generate and sell a set quota of new and renewable energy from a total amount of electricity generated. If an IPP company fails to deliver the quota, it is obligated to purchase a Renewable Electricity Certificate (REC) from a third producer to fulfill its mandatory quota.

※ REC: A certification that proves that an IPP company has generated and sold electricity using a new and renewable energy production facility.

Poseung Green Power Bird's-Eye View

Business Outline

Business Outline
Company Name Poseung Green Power
Location Asan National Industrial Complex
Generation Combined Heat and Power generation
Fuel Wood-pellet, Wood-chip
Capacity Boiler - 174ton/h, Turbine - 43.2MW
(Business Milestone)
  • - Finance Closing : 2016.5.31
  • - EPC Start : 2016. March
  • - Commercial Operation : 2018. April