Coal Power

Coal Power
Coal-fueled generating plants are widely used to generate base-loads as coal is cheap and common. Business opportunities exist where coal is abundant and accessible, including Southeast Asia, Africa, India and China. Although coal is an abundant and cheap fuel source, interest in coal generation had been declining due to its adverse impacts on the environment. However, emissions in recent years have dropped dramatically thanks to technological innovations, making coal the obvious choice of power for many countries. Lately, mine mouth-type plants have become increasingly popular as they ensure easier access to coal supply.

DAELIM Industrial’s portfolio in coal plant construction dates back to the 1970s when it built its first facility in Korea. Since then, it has led major domestic and overseas EPC operations including Boryeong Power Plant (500MW x 2 units) and Donghae Power Plant (595MW x 2 units) in Korea, Manjung Power Plant (1,000MW x 1 unit) in Malaysia, ZAM 100, SM 200, Pagbilao Power Plant (420MW x 1 unit) and Quezon Power Plant in the Philippines as well as Thai Binh 2 Power Plant (600MW x 2 units) in Vietnam. Meanwhile, DAELIM Energy got its start in coal-fired generation when it purchased shares in Australia’s Millmerran Power Station in 2014.

DAELIM Energy is expanding its business in Southeast Asia, with the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam comprising the key markets, while seeking business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the Philippines, DAELIM Energy is actively seeking M&A opportunities in addition to Greenfield projects. In Indonesia, the company is looking for mid-sized projects where it can take on the role of lead developer. In Vietnam, as part of a working consortium with other independent power producers, DAELIM Energy is pushing for large-scale projects. In the Middle East and North Africa regions, it is seeking business opportunities with Egypt as its key market, while in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is reviewing multiple business projects by collaborating with a Korean power producing company.

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