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Min Young Kim | Part Leader
Legal Part
MY Kim is an in-house counsel at DAELIM Energy. She has over 10 years of field experience as in-house counsel at an electricity company in Korea and law firm counsel in the US.

"What makes DAELIM Energy uniquely attractive?"

DAELIM Energy is seeking business opportunities such as development projects, participating in bids and M&A projects in various countries that fit the company’s vision as a newly-established IPP company. I think it is a good place for one to explore the fields of developing and operating power plants.
Expediency is one of the positive things I experienced here. A decision may be made at a meeting among the top management and the juniors. We don’t report the same matter repeatedly until it reaches the upper echelon.

"When did you feel the most rewarded for your work and what have you gained personally from your time at DAELIM Energy?"

Definitely, people. I would say our field is very specific and challenging for lawyers since it is difficult to understand the meanings of the documents and imagine what will happen through those documents “alone”. The young employees at DAELIM Energy are communicating well to make the projects move forward. It is a huge pleasure to discuss a specific matter with people with various professional backgrounds and skills, and more importantly, the young employees here are enthusiastic and work proactively for the success of their projects.

"There aren’t many professional women in the IPP industry. What has it been like for you, personally, working in this field? Do you have any advice for other women?"

I have worked mostly for projects in developing countries that need electricity. I would not say it was always pleasant, but I can surely say that it was exciting to meet experts from many other countries. I highly recommend female lawyers to jump into this field for their future careers since IPP business is an integrated business linking various professional knowledge, such as construction, sales, property, IP rights and government relations, among others.