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Technical & Operational Management Team General Manager Bonghee Lee
Bonghee Lee | Team Leader
Operations and Management Team
Mr. Bong-hee Lee has over 24 years of experience in the field, specializing in operational and maintenance technology of power generation plants. He started his career as a power plant operator at KEPCO’s Yeongweol Thermal Power Plant (coal fired power plant & combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 400MW) in 1992 and went on to take on responsibilities in operation, maintenance, and commissioning at other power plants run by KEPCO.
As a member of the company’s six sigma team, he has also taken part in operational innovation at a number of power plants. While working for KEPCO, he was dispatched to the Korea Institute of Energy technology Evaluation and Planning and participated in government-run energy R&D evaluation management tasks. In 2010, he worked at the Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute and provided technical advice such as design elements and key machinery for the construction of Shinboryeong units 1 and 2 (CFPP 1,000MW).
Prior to joining DAELIM Energy, he worked as the commissioning manager at Samsung Engineering and took part in the commissioning of Mexico’s Noreste II (CCPP, 450MW) and SLP (CCPP, 200MW). At DAELIM Energy, he leads the Technical Operational Part responsible for operational management.

"Specifically, what do you do at DAELIM Energy? Tell us what you have done in the last month."

What I do can be largely summed up into three categories: 1) review of power plant designs and R&D and systems diagnosis 2) commissioning and operation and 3) improve management of existing assets. This past month, we calculated the prospective operational efficiency of a new power project we are currently reviewing, which will be directly implemented into the business feasibility study. We also observed, first hand, the design proponents of a power plant currently in operation in the Philippines with a similar capacity and specifications to a newly-invested power plant that is presently in its design stage to see if there is any element applicable to the new plant.
Based on my hands-on experience in the field over the years, I am trying to bring Pocheon Power the breakthrough it needs within its pending business agenda. I visit the plant every week to review the progress and provide necessary coaching so that it can consistently improve in the right direction. Pocheon Power is already strong in its management game compared to other power plants, but I believe there is always room for improvement that can also be shown in figures so I am working towards that goal.

"What do you think about operational technology and what is your ultimate goal?"

A world-class power plant is born when our experience, including trial and error, can be applied to the various stages of the projects that we run, from development, design, construction and commissioning. This is a sure-fire way to show the investors the numbers they want to see.
My first goal regarding investment assets is to implement a successful O&M which exceeds the industry average by utilizing our full in-house capacity. My ultimate goal is to create our very own DE (DAELIM Energy)-Way that can demonstrate the best productivity which will become the backbone of building our market competitiveness.
The most important thing for me is effectively managing DAELIM Energy’s internal process which discovers top-of-the-tier talents and the best practices. I am working to promote accuracy in technical review as well as work efficiency through O&M planning and developing a method to standardize our O&M model. I am also organizing weekly in-house learning seminars for small groups to share our technology and to strengthen the technical capacity of our team’s internal workforce. I am confident that we will achieve these goals.