Ethical Management

DAELIM Energy pledges to conduct clean and transparent management activities so as to maximize corporate values.

Charter of Ethics

Employees at DAELIM Energy have a deep understanding that transparent management and ethical management are the fundamental driving forces behind corporate competitiveness.

We hereby pledge that we have prepared and will practice a Code of Conduct to share our joy with our customers and to keep promises with them so as to grow and develop into a reliable and respectable global company.

Ethical Management

Based on our management philosophy of "creating a pleasant and abundant life,” and “pursuing expansive and unlimited growth and development,” we are striving toward a reliable and respectable global company.

To that end, we embrace the management principles of creating a better future, respecting humans, and earning the trust of customers, share our joy with customers, keep promises with customers, earn their trust, and thus play a pioneering role. Against such a backdrop, we have enacted and practice an employees’ Code of Ethics through all of our business activities.

CP Management

We have adopted a program to comply with fair trade in a bid to effectively practice our “management in the right way,” and fair and transparent activities.

Under the compliance program, we will build an internal autonomous compliance and supervisory system in order to prevent breaches of the Fair Trade Act and to keep competition rules.